Welcome to constellation

A research center dedicated to safely navigating the development of transformative AI

A research institute dedicated to safely navigating the future of AI

About us

Our mission is to grow and support the ecosystem of people working to ensure the safety of powerful AI systems. Constellation is a nonprofit organization in Berkeley, California that has been operating since 2021.

Constellation Location

Programs at Constellation

Current programs

Programs are held in Berkeley, CA.

Astra Fellowship

Astra Fellowship

The Astra Fellowship pairs fellows with experienced advisors to collaborate on a three month AI safety research project. Fellows will be part of a cohort of talented researchers working out of the Constellation office, allowing them to connect and exchange ideas with leading AI safety researchers.

Visiting researcher program

Visiting researcher program

The Constellation Visiting Researcher Program is seeking around 20 researchers motivated by AI catastrophic risk reduction. Visiting Researchers will connect with leading AI safety researchers, exchange ideas, and find collaborators while continuing their research from the Constellation office.

Past programs

We expect to run some of these again.

Machine learning bootcamp

These intensive month-long bootcamps are for researchers and software engineers looking to transition into developing safety technology for AI systems.

Weekend introductory workshops

These two-day workshops provide a rapid introduction to existing research on safety technology for AI systems, featuring presentations and discussions led by experts working in the field.

Practitioner workshops

Roughly every two months, Constellation hosts researchers from academia, industry, and nonprofits where attendees share research updates and discuss the state of the field.