Constellation’s mission is to help the world safely navigate the development of transformative AI.

Our goals

Our goals

In alignment with our mission, we have two primary goals:


Accelerate safety research

We bring together people doing cutting-edge work on the safety of powerful AI systems, enabling them to learn from and collaborate with each other. Many researchers tell us that their research is better or even that their research direction has changed as a result of collaboration at Constellation.


Develop safety talent

Via our fellowships and programs, we support high-potential individuals who want to help the world safely navigate the development of transformative AI. Dozens of participants from our past programs now work full-time on leading safety teams.

Leadership team

Nate Thomas


Nate was previously co-founder and CEO of Redwood Research, where he led a team researching AI control, interpretability, and other safety-relevant areas. He has published work on AI safety, condensed matter physics, machine learning for biomolecular structure prediction, and quantum gravity. He has degrees in mathematics, physics, and computer science from MIT, Cambridge, Oxford, and Stanford.

Bill Zito


Bill co-founded and helped run Redwood Research while launching and leading Constellation. At Aurora, a now-public autonomous vehicle startup, Bill was the first engineer working on ML labeling pipelines. He helped build three engineering and operations teams around that work as the company scaled from 30 to 300.

James Bregan


James was a key technology leader at PayPal as the company scaled from 100 to 10,000 people, and served as EVP Engineering during its acquisition by eBay. After PayPal, James helped catalyze the charter cities movement as co-founder of an urban development startup in partnership with the Honduran government.