Visiting researcher program

The Constellation Visiting researcher program provides an opportunity for around 20 visitors motivated by reducing catastrophic risks from AI to connect with leading AI safety researchers, exchange ideas, and find collaborators while continuing their research from our offices in Berkeley, CA. The funded program will take place this winter from the 8th of January 2024 to the 1st of March 2024 (start/end dates flexible).

Visiting researchers will benefit from

  • Connections to AI safety researchers for getting feedback on current projects, exchanging research ideas, and developing research collaborations
  • A cohort of like-minded peers
  • Weekly talks from senior researchers in the field
  • Opportunities to showcase their work
  • A productive office space to work from with meals provided daily
  • Housing and travel covered for the duration of their visit


"Having research chats with people I met at Constellation has given rise to new research directions I hadn't previously considered, like model organisms. Talking with people at Constellation is how I decided that existential risk from AI is non-trivial, after having many back and forth conversations with people in the office. These updates have had large ramifications for how I’ve done my research, and significantly increased the impact of my research."

Ethan Perez

Research lead, Anthropic

“Speaking with AI safety researchers in Constellation was an essential part of how I formed my views on AI threat models and AI safety research prioritization. It also gave me access to a researcher network that I've found very valuable for my career.”

Sam Marks

Postdoc, David Bau's Interpretable Neural Networks Lab

“I worked from Constellation for a bit over a week this summer, and can highly recommend it! The main value add was chatting with (and listening in on lunchtime chats between) many top AI safety researchers, and learning what people are working on and thinking about in a way that isn't possible by reading their work online. I was really productive during my time there.”

Dmitrii Krasheninnikov

PhD Candidate at the University of Cambridge

You might be a good fit if your research is on any of the following

Note: This list is not exhaustive, so you still may be a good fit even if you don't work on any of the following.

We’re also interested in hosting researchers focused on conceptual or interdisciplinary work on AI safety, for example

Guest speakers

More speakers to come

Paul Christiano

Director, Alignment Research Center

Beth Barnes

Director, ARC Evals

Jeff Wu

Research Lead, OpenAI

Sam Bowman

Head of Alignment Science, Anthropic

Ajeya Cotra

Senior program officer, Open Philanthropy Project

Owain Evans

Research Lead


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